Facility Overview

Our factory is equipped with various apparatus including old machines modified to match our own specifications and new machines introduced in line with the times.
With the skills of seasoned craftsmen and equipment, we meet the needs of customers such as piece dyeing, thread dyeing, high-mix low-volume production and shorter delivery period. Our goal is to make products which will satisfy our customers.

・31 wide width looms (26 units at our factory : 5 units at subcontractors’ factory) 8 narrow width weaving looms and 2 warping machines

Name of machine Quantity of machines
Electronic jacquard loom 2
Wide width jacquard loom 6
44-inch wide width jacquard loom At our Factory 14:Subcontractors’ Factory 5
Dobby loom
Narrow width jacquard loom 1
Narrow width weaving loo 8
Warping machine 2

Equipment Information